How it all began

Each year the Brainchild Ball takes our guests to an exoticlocation for a night of experience, glamour, discovery, taste andadventure all in the name of fundraising and awareness.

Each year a special child is selected to be our BrainChild. Their story highlights the struggles of childhood Brain Cancer,demonstrating the devastating effects this disease has on both the child and their family, ensuring that our guests understand thedirect impact research will have on their lives.

My name is Vicki Fitzgerald. I would like you to meet my beautifuldaughter Abigail. At the age of 4 ½ Abigail was diagnosed and underwent extensivetreatment for childhood brain cancer. Abigail’s treatmentconsisted of neurosurgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Not only was the treatment harsh with devastating side effects,but it was no guarantee that the cancer wouldn’t return. If thecancer does return, treatment options are limited.

I soon learned that these treatments have not changedsignificantly in the last 30 years – and the survival rates reflectthis. I also learned that not all children have treatments available.

This drove me to create the BrainChild Ball to assist in raisingawareness and funds however I could. I am lucky enough to now be surrounded by one of the most devote, selfless and passionate teams to put this evening together for your enjoyment!

The BrainChild Ball Australis, promises yet again to be anincredible and successful evening – and offer guests theopportunity to be part of the legacy that will find the cure.

Where the funds go

What the BrainChild Ball raises funds the Brainchild Fellowship – a position held by Dr Raelene Endersby who co-heads The Brain Tumour Research Program at the Telethon Kids Institute with Dr Nick Gottardo.  This world-renowned laboratory seeks to eradicate brain tumours in children and reduce the harm they cause through improvements in chemotherapy, precision radiotherapy, and immunotherapy. It is a collaborative, integrated, and promising program of work.

In 2018 we again aim to raise a minimum of $200,000 to continue to fund the vital work carried out by Dr Endersby and her team.

Originally from Perth, Dr Raelene is one of WA’s leading minds in cancer research. Her passion for brain tumour research was sparked by working in the world’s best children’s cancer hospital and research environment – St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the United States. It was there that Dr Raelene met Dr Nick Gottardo, and together they decided to return to Perth and create a world-class, “bench to bedside” research program to benefit children with brain cancer and their families, in WA and beyond.

‘Every day in WA, some 120 children are fighting for their lives because of cancer,’ says Raelene.

‘We estimate that more than 550 Australian children will be diagnosed with a brain cancer in the next 5 years. These cancers are the leading cause of cancer death in children aged under 10. Sadly, the proportion of survivors has not improved over the last 30 years. We can’t wait for cures, and this drives me to pour my energy and passion into finding better and safer treatments for these children. For them, the research stakes have never been higher.’

 ‘It is a great honour for me to be known as the Brainchild Fellow. Highlights for our team in the past year have been the successful completion of two Masters student research theses – MarjoleinShluck, now in the Netherlands, and Sasha Rogers, who is now training as a neurosurgeon in Canada. We also published a number of new research manuscripts, were awarded several grants to support our research program, and are collaborationing internationally to develop new concept protocols for medulloblastoma and glioblastoma clinical trials.

I look forward to keeping all donors to this special fellowship updated on the progress of my lab. Thank you.’

Dr Raelene Endersby.

Past Balls

2016 – La Gourmet Soiree

Raising over $120,,000 – the 2016 Ball saw guests travel to France to enjoy a menu prepared by Chef Guillaume Brahimi of Bistro Guillaume as well as French entertainment and a great night dancing away to Darren Reid and the Soul City Groove.

To check out the action from this fabulous night – please click here:

Issho Ni

We have enjoyed these highlights of our 2017 The Brainchild Ball WA so much we wish it were that Saturday night again!Big THANKS to the wonderful team at Huemen Media who perfectly captured the essence of what was a spectacular and successful evening, we love working with you!OUR QUEST THEIR CURE

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2017 – Issho Ni

The Japanese phrase for “Together”- Issho Ni raised a massive $210,000!!  Guests enjoyed a menu inspired by Nobu as well as watching some amazing performances by Taiko On Perth Japanese drum club, geisha girls on stilts and loved participating in our origami for our Bridge of Hope.

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